Activities all year round in Siglufjörður

Siglufjörður and its surrounding offer wide-ranging activities all year round. Slow down in our village and take time to experience the nature and culture in the North. Each season has its own charm and options of activities:


Summer and Autumn – Vibrant Life

Vivid nature, rich wildlife and the various festivals in and around Siglufjörður set the tone of summer. We can help you with contacts to guides to discover the area with the knowledge and insights of a local.

Hiking and mountaineering

Swimming in warm pools in Siglufjörður and surrounding


Bird Watching

Whale Watching

Horseback riding

Star gazing and Auroa Borealis-Watching


Winter and Spring – The White Side of Life

Siglufjörður is a perfect base for all kind of ski activities. It is a great experienced to discover the snowy mountains with the open view to the sea. Cross-Country skiing is the traditional Icelandic winter sport, but our area, the high mountains of the Troll-Peninsula, got famous for ski tours and Heli-Skiing. After a long ski day it is a pleasure to relax in the hot pools at the local swimming pools. And if you are lucky the nights get illuminated by the Northern Lights.
Are you planning to come with your family or friends and not with a guided group? We can help you with contacts to experienced local ski guides. Please ask us for detailed information.

Ski areas: in Siglufjörður, Dalvík and Akureyri

Snow cat tours: in Ólafsfjörður and Grenivík

Swimming pools: in Siglufjörður, Ólafsfjörður, Dalvík and Hofsós

Star gazing and Aurora Borealis-watching

Local Museums:

The Herring Era Museum of Iceland 

The Folk Music Centre 

The Icelandic Poem Centre

Natural History Museum Fjallabyggðar, Ólafsfirði

Icelandic Horse Exhibition, Hólar í Hjaltadal

The Icelandic Emigration Center, Hofsós

Museum Hvoll, Dalvík

Artist-in-residencies and Arts Workshops:

Herhúsið , Siglufjörður

Listhúsið in Ólafsfjörður 

Alþýðuhúsið, Siglufjörður

Gallerí Sigló, Siglufjörður

Gallerí Abbý, Siglufjörður


Workshop Fríðu, Siglufjörður

Bergþór Morthens, Siglufjörður

Gallerí Rauðka, Siglufjörður

Cafés and restaurants in Siglufjörður:

Open Year round

Torgið (great pizza & appetizers)

Allinn (pub food)

Aðalbakarí (the local bakery)

Olís bensínstöðin (burgers and sandwiches)

Open Seasonally (Spring, Summer, Fall):

Hannes Boy

Kaffi Rauðka

Sunna Restaurant

Harbour House Café

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